A selection of our client work, and internal experiments.

Bikes X Beats

MISSION: Create a fun Sunday afternoon bike experience incorporating music for World Bicycle Relief charity, while also generating NYC exposure for WCUP — a high performance nutrition supplements company. The main goal was to produce attractive, branded, NYC photo opps for WCUP.

HOW: Created partnerships to maximize exposure and reduce production time. For photography we partnered with Versatile Studios; for music, the Swedish-based exercise music app Spring team did music supervision for the entire bike ride; we had Waterfront Bike Shop provide bicycles and starting point; for the finish line and reception we teamed with Pizzabar Casano & Moretti Beer.

WHEN: Sept 7th, 2014

OUTCOME: A fun fitness-themed afternoon with music, food, and drinks. Attendees visibly enjoyed the event and asked to be informed about future events. We produced branded photography around various NYC landmarks, that WCUP was able to implement on online campaigns for the following 6 months. Spring increased their user base; and Waterfront Bicycle Shop significantly increased revenue the day of the event.

BIKES X BEATS NYC 2014 Presented By WCUP from Socialight Entertainment on Vimeo.