A selection of our client work, and internal experiments.

Paris Fashion Week: Vivienne Westwood x L’Arc at Mister H.

MISSION: L’arc Paris reached out to Socialight Entertainment wanting to do a cross-promotion between NY Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week.

HOW: Socialight Entertainment paired up L’arc Paris brand with a comparable NY brand in Mister H. to do an event exchange.  We hosted L’Arc Paris’ NY Fashion Week party at Mister H. and Mister H.’s Paris Fashion Week event at L’Arc. We also contacted the PR company responsible for booking Vivienne Westwood’s Paris Fashion Week party to add an edgy high-end brand that would give us the NYC vibe we were looking for in Paris.

WHEN: September 30th 2011

OUTCOME: Arguably the best Fashion Week party in Paris, with a write up in Page 6 of the NY Post.